Alluringly Beautiful: Travel Destination in Guadeloupe

If you’re looking for beautiful, exciting and exotic places to visit, then Guadeloupe is the perfect destination. This beautiful Caribbean island has over 100 beaches and hot springs to explore. You can also enjoy a wide variety of food with influences from European, African and Carribean cultures. So what are you waiting for? Book your ticket now!

pointe-a-pitre – beautiful travel destination in Guadeloupe

great place for snorkeling or scuba diving activities. Beautiful waterfalls are scattered all over the island with some of them cascading down spectacular cliffs near Sainte Anne on Grande Terre where you can also go hiking along one of the many trails which were built by former sugar plantation workers before visiting Basse Terre’s tropical gardens at La Soufrière volcano crater lake with beautiful views.

Marie-Galante – beautiful travel destination in Guadeloupe

located just north-west of Grande Terre with beautiful beaches, nice scenery and many different attractions to explore. The village La Bourg on the southern coast is a good place for fishing while if you love beautiful nature landscapes then head over to Le Moule where you can find beautiful waterfalls like Ravine aux Prunes or coffee plantation tours near Trois Ilets.

Saint-Francois – beautiful travel destination in Guadeloupe

a beautiful port town on Grande Terre with a rich cultural heritage. The old quarter of Saint-Francois is surrounded by beautiful colonial buildings and the main square known as Place de la Victoire where you can admire an obelisk dedicated to Paul Emile Victor who was killed during one of his expeditions here. There are also many beautiful beaches nearby like Anse Cafard, Grand Fond or La Preneuse which offer great snorkeling possibilities for both beginners and experts alike!

Saint-Anne – beautiful travel destination in Guadeloupe

is beautiful town on Grande Terre where you can go for an active holiday or relax and enjoy the beautiful nature. This is also a great place to stay if you’re interested in surfing with kite surfing spots like Saint-Anne plage, St Louis Bay or Le Robert bay which are all suitable for beginners as well! The Plaine d’or beach here has even been awarded with Blue flag status so it’s one of the cleanest beaches on this island.

Pointe des Chateaux – beautiful travel destination in Guadeloupe

located north west of Basse terre near Deshaies, Pointe des châteaux offers beautiful views over some spectacular cliffs formed by volcanic activity. The beautiful beaches here are the perfect place to relax and enjoy a beautiful sunset over the sea while hiking in this area will lead you past many beautiful waterfalls like Rivière des Pères or Bridal Veil Falls which is one of Guadeloupe’s most famous attractions!

Terre-de-Haut – beautiful travel destination in Guadeloupe

with beautiful white sandy beaches, Terre de Haut offers some fantastic views both from above looking down on these idyllic islands as well as below where you can admire the stunning underwater world filled with colorful corals and tropical fish that create amazing scenery under water at Grande Anse beach. Other popular tourist spots include Fort Napoléon (Napoleon’s birthplace) and beautiful beaches like La Caravelle which are both great for snorkeling or diving in beautiful crystal clear water.